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Join London Swing Dance Training To Participate In The Festival

The live swing music London festival is going to be celebrated this year on the 29th to 31st May once again bringing together all the swing dance and music lovers on to one platform. There is no doubt that dance lovers from across the world visit UK just to participate and enjoy this London swing festival, which is annually celebrated in different locations of London. Moreover, there are many dance groups that also organize London swing dance training to all those enthusiasts who would like to participate in the competitions held at the festival. In fact, anyone who loves dance can join the training sessions and meet the best instructors like Andy & Nina  Peter & Naomi, sky Humphries, who would help you to learn as much as you can to display your talent in the festival.

The London swing dance training is offered for everyone right from beginners to amateurs who can join, the level to pick up their dance skills from there on. The dance training workshops are held over the weekends and you can buy tickets for the sessions along with your partner that would better your chances for the enrollment. Beginners should also be familiar with the eight count swing outs, circle and some amount of side by side Charleston and can follow what is being taught in the class. So depending on your dance skills you can choose the level weather intermediate or advanced and also the Jazz Roots 1 and 2 to enhance your fundamental techniques and dancing skills for the competition.

If you are interested to learn Lindy Hop London those classes shall be conducted at the Imperial college London and can participate in the strictly Lindy division in the live swing music London. The participants can check out further information like the BPM range for Lindy which is 160-200 BPM and the couple can participate in the format of All skate heats, the spotlight final and all skate finishes. There are also many other divisions like the up and coming for beginners, Fast & Furious, Solo Jazz, All Balboa, Jack & Jill and many more that one can learn based on their interest to participate in the festival.

So the basic rules to enter this contest is that a majority of the display by dancers should be swing content associated with any type of dances like Balboa, Blues, Shag and Charleston. The judging criteria to announce the prize is based on the technique, lead & follow, level of difficulty, musicality, timing and entertainment which shall all be coached by the instructors in the London swing dance training sessions. So just register yourself for participation in the training program and get live updates about the venues, competitors, previous winners etc to be a part of the live swing music London festival.
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